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Thermal Grizzly - Kryonaut 11g

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Thermal Grizzly high performance and exceptional reliability Thermal grease, to maximize heat transfer by eliminating the minute air gap between the heat source and the heat sink caused by their irregular surfaces.

Kryonaut thermal grease was created especially for the extremely demanding applications and the highest expectations of the overclocking community. Kryonaut is also highly recommended as a top product for critical cooling systems in the industrial environment.

'Kryo' - the greek word for 'cold' - also found in the german word for 'cryoengineering', suggests that this thermal grease was created especially for cryogenic applications - for the true 'Kryonauts' amongst the 'extreme overclockers'.

Kryonaut uses a special structure, which halts the drying out process at temperatures of up to 80- Celsius. This structure is also responsible for the nano-aluminum- and tin-oxide-parts included in the grease to compound optimally, to compensate for unevenness of the component (i.e. the CPU) or the heat sink, thus guaranteeing remarkable heat transfer.

Thermal Conductivity 12,5 W/mk
Thermal Resistance
0.0032 K/W

Electrical Conductivity*
0 pS/m

120-170 Pas
Specific Weight
-200 -C / +350 -C
Capacity 1.5ml / 5,55 g
3ml / 11.1g

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